As an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) leader, NEC brings together and integrates technology and expertise to create the ICT-enabled society of tomorrow.

  • Proven Expertise - More than 117 years of excellence and expertise, NEC has leveraged its adaptive solutions to enable individuals and enterprises across a wide spectrum of industries to achieve more flexible, secure and responsive work environments.
  • Scalable Tactics - Helping anchor new strategic investments from which to transform and succeed.

  • Smart Transformation - Enabling new strategies for businesses to compete and 9 laboratories throughout the world employing nearly 1,000 researchers

Combining innovative capability with a rich Communications and IT portfolio, NEC has provided individuals and enterprises with solutions that cover and enable the full spectrum of business processes for new and improved ways of conducting business.

NEC's UNIVERGE® Products:

  • The SV9100 - is a perfect platform for small to medium sized businesses that want to grow their organization and be competitive in the marketplace with two variations SV9100S and SV9100E to meet the needs of the smallest businesses to those with almost a thousand employee.
  • The SV9300 - is a robust, feature-rich, Unified Communications enabled system that is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. The server is designed to help solve today’s communications challenges and is built with your migration path in mind, so you can scale your communications as your business grows.
  • The SV9500 - is a platform ideal for large enterprises that want to expand regionally and globally, plus require a flexible, scalable, secure system that ensures business continuity. It's a powerful communications platform designed with today’s mobile customer in mind.


The world’s most reliable business grade internet phone solution

Star2Star Communications offers the only fully integrated End-to-End internet-based phone solution for small and mid-sized businesses. The hardware, telephone service, and all aspects of the system, network, and call quality are monitored and managed to deliver a perfect combination of features, call quality, service reliability, and savings. 

Star2Star’s Products:

  • StarBox 2200 – supports up to 250 extensions, super-reliable, solid-state, fanless on-premise PBX, no hard drives or other moving parts, uses only 12 Watts of power
  • StarLite – supports up to 10 extensions, identical to Starbox 2200 except for the number of supported users, uses only 6 Watts of power
  • Voice Optimized Architecture (VOA) Data Circuits
    • StarLine QOS Voice Conditioned T1 with Prioritized Routing and SLA - separates voice and data and prioritizes the voice packets, up to 1.5 Mb download bandwidth, up to 1.5 Mb upload bandwidth, up to 46 QoS managed voice paths, end-to-end monitoring 
    • StarFlex QOS Integrated Voice Conditioned Data Circuit – separates voice and data and prioritizes the voice packets, up to 1.5 Mb download bandwidth, up to 768 K upload bandwidth, up to 10 QoS managed voice paths, 13 additional un-managed call paths, end-to-end monitoring
    • StarBand High Bandwidth Redundant Data DSL – up to 3 Mb download bandwidth, up to 768 K upload bandwidth, up to 23 un-managed voice paths, end-to-end monitoring
  • Polycom Business Telephones – outstanding sound quality, advanced functionality, ease of use, simplified configuration and upgrades, and investment protection
  • snom Business Telephones - utilizes square key emulation, so you can see whether or not your colleagues are available by looking at the signaling on the name keys, call quality, system reliability and interoperability.

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Toshiba's VoIP Communication Systems:
  • Strata CIX40 - Small Business IP Telephone System supports 4-11 trunks, 8-16 digital telephones, 1-2 analog station ports, and 8-24 IP channels.
  • Strata CIX100 - Small Business IP Telephone System with up to 64 trunks or 72 station users and combinations up to 112 ports.
  • Strata CIX670 - Small/Medium Business IP Telephone System with up to 264 trunks or 560 station users and combinations up to 672 ports.
  • IPedge - Small/Medium/Large Business IP Telephone System that supports up to 1000 station users.