Video Surveillance - 

Finding the right surveillance system can be challenging with all the DIY kits and products at your disposal every where you go. While this might be a a less expensive path to go stop and think about repairs and maintenance down the road - who will provide the service or parts you may need? Most DIY systems are primarily interested in selling you product and a surveillance company is focused on providing you full service for the long term.

Acquiring a camera system doesn’t have to be difficult, you just have to do some research and pick the right company so they can give you the best advice. Utilizing local business that is readily available to provide service will ensure your peace of mind.

Starting with a site visit Pilothouse will review your location and recommend the type of camera/lens best suited for your business. Cabling needs will be determined and a quote for the project follows. The site visit is vital to understanding your security goals and specific concerns.