Toshiba's VoIP Communication Systems:

  • Strata CIX40 - Small Business IP Telephone System supports 4-11 trunks, 8-16 digital telephones, 1-2 analog station ports, and 8-24 IP channels.
  • Strata CIX100 - Small Business IP Telephone System with up to 64 trunks or 72 station users and combinations up to 112 ports.
  • Strata CIX670 - Small/Medium Business IP Telephone System with up to 264 trunks or 560 station users and combinations up to 672 ports.
  • IPedge - Small/Medium/Large Business IP Telephone System that supports up to 1000 station users. 

Much More than a Business Telephone System

Strata CIX supports all types of endpoints/devices, including a complete line of IP telephones, SoftIPTTM softphone on notebook computers and PDAs, wireless IP telephones, Add-on modules, DSS consoles, Attendant Consoles, as well as SIP telephones, analog telephones, and Toshiba digital telephones. And it supports all types of networked connections, including IP network interfaces, analog and digital Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) interfaces. With the configuration flexibility you want, you can build the communication system you need.

Choose versatility and selection.

Toshiba's full line of reliable, feature-rich telephones gives you the choices you need, both now and as your business grows. And every Toshiba telephone delivers exceptional compatibility with all Toshiba systems, even if you upgrade to a larger system. So your investment is always secure. Toshiba gives you the flexibility to mix digital, IP and wireless telephones in the same system to best suit your needs. 

Your business is unlike any other - different needs, different processes, and different employees. The Strata CIX is the telephone system designed to let you build the right telephone to your specifications.

Productivity Enhancing Applications

True customization comes when you can adapt a solution completely to your needs. 

  • The Strata CIX is the first telecommunication system to be truly customizable to the needs of each user, making changes on-the-fly, in hours and days, instead of months or years, or waiting for the next release of software. 
  • Using Toshiba's FeatureFlexTM adaptability tool, the Strata CIX, with the integrated Media Application Server, enables you to tailor your system well beyond standard system and administrative options and basic programmable features. 
  • Modify existing features-and create new ones. And not just CIX call processing, but blended features that work between all system applications and resources. This includes voice mail, CTI applications, and more.