Discover the Next Generation of Toshiba Telephones DP5000 Series Digital Telephones

  • Easy to read LCD screens, that display feature-prompting information.
  • Ergonomic design for exceptional comfort, easy-to-read feature buttons with tilt stands included.
  • Backlit LCD.
  • Larger Screen with more information.
  • Paperless labels.
  • Enhanced Mute functionality.
Digital Phone Data Sheet

Digital Phone Data Sheet

The Choice is Clear - Toshiba Digital Business Telephones

  • Single-Line Telephone.
  • 10-button Speakerphone.
  • 20-button Speakerphone.
  • 10-button, 4-Line Display Speakerphone.
  • 20-button, 4-Line Display Speakerphone.
  • 10-button, 9-Line Display Speakerphone.
  • Optional 10-button and 20-button Add-On Modules.
  • 60-button DSS Console.