The world’s most reliable business grade internet phone solution

Star2Star Communications offers the only fully integrated End-to-End internet-based phone solution for small and mid-sized businesses. The hardware, telephone service, and all aspects of the system, network, and call quality are monitored and managed to deliver a perfect combination of features, call quality, service reliability, and savings. 

Star2Star’s Products:

  • StarBox 2200 – supports up to 250 extensions, super-reliable, solid-state, fanless on-premise PBX, no hard drives or other moving parts, uses only 12 Watts of power

  • StarLite – supports up to 10 extensions, identical to Starbox 2200 except for the number of supported users, uses only 6 Watts of power

  • Voice Optimized Architecture (VOA) Data Circuits

    • StarLine QOS Voice Conditioned T1 with Prioritized Routing and SLA - separates voice and data and prioritizes the voice packets, up to 1.5 Mb download bandwidth, up to 1.5 Mb upload bandwidth, up to 46 QoS managed voice paths, end-to-end monitoring

    • StarFlex QOS Integrated Voice Conditioned Data Circuit – separates voice and data and prioritizes the voice packets, up to 1.5 Mb download bandwidth, up to 768 K upload bandwidth, up to 10 QoS managed voice paths, 13 additional un-managed call paths, end-to-end monitoring

    • StarBand High Bandwidth Redundant Data DSL – up to 3 Mb download bandwidth, up to 768 K upload bandwidth, up to 23 un-managed voice paths, end-to-end monitoring

  • Polycom Business Telephones – outstanding sound quality, advanced functionality, ease of use, simplified configuration and upgrades, and investment protection

  • snom Business Telephones - utilizes square key emulation, so you can see whether or not your colleagues are available by looking at the signaling on the name keys, call quality, system reliability and interoperability.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Star2Star

  1. Features – powerful features, for example Star2Star's advanced version of scheduled call forwarding, a Find-Me/Follow-Me option where your office phone can ring at branch locations while also ringing your cell phone, home phone or even a laptop softphone

  2. Quality – business grade quality and reliability that allows you consistently reach users directly at the highest available Internet speeds

  3. Monitoring – around the clock monitoring to dictate the management and route of calls without any hiccups

  4. Safety – complete and automatic disaster recovery and a fire suppression system

  5. Integration – lets you eliminate multiple vendors with a certified network of dealers and installers who will help design how to configure, install, run, and maintain your specific phone system

  6. Configuration – advanced automated attendant menus, groups, and queues

  7. Installation – usually completed within a few hours, equipment that is automatically updated with your specific configuration, easy phone installation, and automatic reconfiguration

  8. Savings – drastic total yearly savings amounting to $2,100

  9. International Rates – deeply discounted international rates compared to what most phone companies charge for domestic calls

  10. Risk Free – 30-day risk-free money back guarantee