Networking Solutions

Extend enterprise communications anywhere.

Today's enterprise does not always end at the company parking lot, or reside in a single building or office space, but wherever opportunity takes it. More and more employees are taking care of business and extending corporate or sales capability from home offices, start-up locations, branch offices - even on-site at customer locales, and need communications solutions to connect them all seamlessly.

Network Data Sheet

Network Data Sheet

The Strata CIX was engineered to help you unify, coordinate, and streamline your communications-wherever and whichever way you work.

  • Provide one integrated system for all your office locations by networking multiple Strata CIX systems to work together. 
  • Share capabilities enterprise-wide, from centralized attendant services, a single voice mail system, and unified call center operations, to simplified internal extension dialing. 
  • Save money by avoiding costly long-distance charges on calls between various locations. 
  • Turn a long-distance call into a local call by "hopping off" the network as needed.