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Often our data network is taken for granted that it is working properly until something happens. We can help give you peace of mind in knowing your network is secure, completely backed up and ready for a restore so that your business doesn’t suffer or miss a beat.

Pilothouse works with top providers to bring you a full suite of cloud products to help you empower and secure your business.

Data Migration

In today’s climate more and more companies are moving their database storage to the cloud given the increase in vulnerability.  A data migration project is done for numerous reasons:

  • Replacing or upgrading servers or storage equipment

  • Moving data to 

  • Website consolidation, infrastructure maintenance

  • Application or database migration

  • Software upgrades

  • Company mergers

  • Data center relocation

…to name a few

Creating a data migration plan is vital to maintain data integrity and to keep impact on the business at a minimum.  Factors to consider during a data migration project include:

  • Time length of the migration

  • Amount of downtime

  • Risk to the business due to technical compatibility issues

  • Data corruption

  • Application performance issues

  • Missed or lost data

There are three broad categories of data movers:

  • Host-based software is best for application-specific migrations, such as platforn upgrades, database replication and file copying.

  • Array-based software is primarily used to migrate data between like systems.

  • Network appliances migrate volumes, files or blocks of data depending on their configuration.

The following best practices should be used to protect data during a migration.

  • Understand what data you are migrating, where it lives, what form it's in and the form it will take at its new destination.

  • Extract, transform and eliminating duplicate (deduplicate) data before moving it.

  • Implement data migration policies so data is moved in an orderly manner.

  • Test and validate the migrated data to ensure it is accurate.

  • Audit and document the entire data migration process. 

Pilothouse offers multiple suppliers for different types of migrations – storage, database, application or cloud migrations and we can help you determine the level appropriate for your business.?