Computer Telephony Tools

Netphone can help maximize Agent Efficiency with Desktop Productivity Tools

Your call center agents' tools of the trade are their telephone and computer. These critical communication tools are used constantly; yet in most businesses they are seldom integrated. Instead, users go back and forth for information and communication while reducing the level of customer service provided to callers.

Leverages the power of the computer and telephone to bring one superior tool to the desktop.

  • Net Phone manages incoming and outgoing call functions and synchronizes with a company's operations, CRM or contact software.  When a phone call comes in, Net Phone triggers the software's database and automatically launches (pops-up) the caller's corresponding contact information. 
  • The versatility of Net Phone allows you to control calls, capture important customer data and provide customers with superior service. 
  • Net Phone provides users with telephone features and call-handling functions directly from the computer. Dialing, answering, transferring, placing a call on hold and ending calls are all executable from the compact or expanded Net Phone view. 
  • Intelligent call keys display the Caller ID and status of each call, allowing users to efficiently manage multiple calls. 
  • Net Phone also allows you to dial a phone number from any program including contact, CRM, word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications. 
  • Powerful directory features allow you to look up and dial PBX extensions with a click of your mouse. The directory is automatically generated by the system so it is always up to date with every extension. It can easily be searched by name, and printed or exported. 
  • The Call Notes feature allows users to attach important customer information to a call, which then follows the caller if they are transferred to another department or extension. This eliminates the need to ask a caller for the same information multiple times. Call notes can also display information collected from the IVR system. 
  • Net Phone automatically creates a log of calls dialed and received on the local telephone extension. The Call History can be searched for specific calls by date, telephone number, name, or account code. Calls can be automatically dialed by double clicking the call in the Call History window. The entire Call History or a search result can easily be printed or exported to a file. 
CTI Data Shhet

CTI Data Shhet

Chat is an instant messaging tool that can be purchased as a standalone product or as a standard feature of Net Phone. Chat is a great tool for getting a message to someone when they are busy on the phone or to get information in a less intrusive manner than calling the person.